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Catalyst 360

Catalyst 360

The Catalyst 360 Difference

Catalyst 360 provides our clients with a low-cost, high-impact tool to enter the world of virtual reality experiences. With massive shareability across social media channels and the easy transformation of any smartphone into a Virtual Reality Viewer, 360 video offers brands a huge opportunity to elevate their story and enter a new age of customer connection. 

why 360?

360 Videos represent the newest level of impactful storytelling, as it provides viewers with the ability to engage with videos and create their own dynamic viewing experience. This quickly rising medium is perfect for capturing the attention of digital-first customers and increasingly valuable millennials. Sight, sound, and motion are the key factors of video’s storytelling capability - elevate your story by adding complete 360 degree immersion to the list.

360 vs. traditional

360 drives 41% more redirect to intended landing pages

360 creates 50% more shares than flat videos, greatly reducing cost-per-view

People are 66% more likely to watch 360 videos and for 44% longer

Click-Thru-Rates are nearly 8x higher for 360 videos

Catalyst sf 360 Videos

San Francisco 360 Tour

Waters Edge 360 Hotel Tour

Sky Dive 360

Our Process

The Catalyst SF team is brand and digital strategy experts. We back all of our 360 experiences with a detailed strategy to highlight key brand values, capture both new and existing customers, and drive the largest digital impact.

We believe that the combination of strategy and 360 video has the ability to help brands accomplish their tangible business goals. That’s why we go beyond the simple production of a video to help our clients get the most value from a truly exciting 360 experience.

Our process begins with an in-depth audit of our clients’ digital assets, to assure they have the tools and channels in place to capitalize on the 360 video’s powerful digital presence. We then dive into a collaborative analysis of our clients’ goals, intended audience, and desired outcomes to outline the most fitting 360 content.

After we carefully outline the strategic goals and content, our energetic creative team takes over to create the most fluid and impactful viewing experience. From start to finish, Catalyst is driven by building the best for our clients brands, whether it be messaging and positioning, brand insights and research, or 360 video experience.



Transport your customers with immersive virtual tours of your vineyard, brewery, or distillery

Highlight the beauty and intricacies of the brewing/wine-making process with engaging educational videos

Utilize 360 videos as a powerful selling tool to showcase a new dimension of products to both customers and distributors.

360 for the travel industry


Offer customers the ability to “try-on” a destination

Highlight the key attractions and experiences the destination has to offer

Create the closest alternative to an in-person experience that technology currently allows

360 FOR THE non-profit INDUSTRY


Give donors and benefactors an empathetic, intimate view of the work you do for the community

Showcase the tangible qualities of a charitable community and atmosphere in a digital space.

Capture events and fundraisers in an exciting, easily shareable format