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Founded in 2007, Catalyst SF is a brand strategy firm dedicated to helping brand position themselves for lasting success. We employ qualitative and quantitative research, deep industry insight, and trademark brand discovery tools to gather the clearest view of our clients’ business. This understanding is used to methodically craft the most honest, impactful brand essence and brand positioning strategies. Our creative side takes over as we then bring these brands to life with powerful brand identity creation, brand activation strategies, and go-to-market plans.

From comprehensive research and strategies to finely tuned brand workshops, our firm specializes in all aspects of brand strategy: market and competitive research, customer personas, product naming, brand development, go-to market strategy - the list goes on. Whether you’re a brand new start-up, a small-medium size business, or an established global enterprise, we create tailor-made strategies to help your unique business conquer its marketing goals and challenges.

We believe every brand identity and repositioning, while impactful on its own, can be supported for truly powerful change by custom tailored activations. That's why we work in close partnerships with all of our clients to ensure their success through the entirety of the process.


Bifocal Branding is our unique strategic methodology, developed to give our clients the most complete and honest perception of their brand and customers as seen through this powerful combination of lenses. We utilize an array of new, emerging, and time-tested research methods to uncover the most impactful brand values, honest customer insights, and valuable market opportunities. 

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